A beautiful morning,  sunny day, and warm afternoon always makes me love the summer day. You can see the sky looks so bright, butterflies around the flowers, and  leaves move blown by the wind.  I remember when I was younger when the summer comes, I usually play around the house to look for grass and wild flowers, something simple but it makes me happy. Some people say that summer is the season of romance. In this summer I plan on visiting the beach with my lovely husband.

Yesterday I went out alone to buy my favorite summer drinks. What is it? Yeah, a bowl of fruit soup. I often spend time to enjoy it. It’s not too sweet, but very fresh. Melon, orange, papaya, grape, rambutan, a pear, a little syrup, milk and ice was very enjoyable. I really like all things in this summer.

Happy Long Weekend

When people prepare for vacation, my beloved hubby and i stay at home for finishing his duty. Although this afternoon so bright i don't feel bored, i'm enjoyed this afternoon for see my hubby back and the light that coming through the sidelines of the window and listen to music, hmmm.. so convenient. Happy long weekend to everybody

"Lurik" Square Bag


I’m so sorry for not updating my blog recently.  Btw do you have a camera? And feeling so bored with your camera bag? So far I have seen some camera bags at the bags store, but  I find the camera bags with monotone color like black, chocolate, or blue. I want something unique and different .

 I was looking around Yogyakarta,  and waaalllllaaaaa I have found square bag at one of craft store. This bag is made from batik called “lurik”, one of the cultural heritage from indonesia.  So many colors of camera bags available  in that crafts store, and  I feel a little confused to make a choice.  Finally I chose one that’s  very pretty and only IDR 150.000,00. Soft green color, like it. So ladies you must try something new and unique. Sallaammmm… ^_^