Before                                After
I know photoshop when i started in college. I'm actually interest with photography For the first time, but someday i got digital imaging lesson from my teacher and he said that i might be use this program. I'm majoring in graphic design, so almost all of my lesson using the photoshop. I think it's so cool, we can edit the photo become what we want. From than i 'm so excited and falling in love with this program, because it can help me to realize my imagination. So.. do u want to try it and  play u'r imagination, girls?


I took this pic from my looklet pages. I love of all the item, casual and simple but keep stylish. If u interest with fashion or fashion designer, u can try this web. For sharpen your fashion ability. So Try it :)


I think, i want to make a simple dress with this color. Turquoise or black, so I love it :)

Batik Madura

Batik is one of Indonesia's cultural heritage, diverse style and color of batik makes me very impressed with this craft. Generally, the famous Indonesian batik are from Pekalongan, Yogyakarta and Solo. But there are many batik from other regions in Indonesia, Such as Madura batik. Madura batik's design is more simple than from other regions, but does not reduce the value of elegance from Madura batik itself. By using more bold colors, batik madura is also interested in teenagers.
I get this batik from one of my friends who came from the small island of Madura, the Sapudi island. Actually a lot of options offered to me. There are shades of red, green, blue and white. Because I had to choose one, I decided to choose a patterned blue batik. Actually i am still confused to create clothing designs that fit with this type of batik. Maybe I need some reference for designing this cloth
For detail, so love it :)

Here is the batik's originate, So small island :D

Prambanan Temple

Prambanan Temple, one of the many tourist sites in Yogyakarta. Many people spend time in this place. Including me, I like to see buildings that are hundreds of years old. Still looks very beautiful and majestic


This beach is not too beautiful, but i love being here to see the rolling waves


Foto by : Kaskus

After Mount Merapi erupted several times since October 26th, finally we decided to evacuate. Actually a lot of consideration also, we wanted to be able to help the victims of the eruption of Mount Merapi. But in the end we must remain displaced, because almost all families in eastern Java asked us to evacuate immediately: (