Batik Indonesia

Beautiful batik from beautiful town. Do you interested? let's visit Yogyakarta, you can find batik with many type


Actually i don't like red clothes, but someday i found the red cardigan and make me like it. I think it's not too bad for dark skin like me. Hohohoho...

Sunny Afternoon

At sport centre of Gadjah mada university. But i'm didn't sport, just accompany my hubby. Hehehe...


feeling so sleepy if i see this bed, hoooaaahhhhmmmmm...

M ake Up

That is in my makeup bag, very simple because i don't like RIBET ( i don't know what the meaning of  RIBET in english hehehe)
1. Vaseline body lotion ( i think this product match for tropical country )
2. Wardah natural foundation
3. Shower to shower lavender
4. Jesicca Parker mini parfume
5. Wardah eyeshadow
6. Natasha transparent powder
7. Latulipe Matt lipstick
8. Wardah Blush On
9. Oriflame Blue Mascara
10. Eyeliner
11. Lipliner pencil
And for daily makeup as usual i just use one product from Natasha Skin Care.

Hana Tajima

She's amazing, I’m really love all about her.  I know her when searching Hijab tutorial on Youtube. I think she is a model for the first time, but she is a fashion designer. Now, she is have a fashion brand Maysaa, simple clothes but keep cool.