The Wedding Dress Fashion Show

I spent the night to attend a wedding themed fashion show yesterday. Many fashion designers from Central Java and Yogyakarta Special Region gathered at Mandala Bhakti Wanitatama building. The invitation was also attended by fashion lovers, student majoring in fashion design, and models. I really enjoyed the show from beginning to end. I hope many organized events like this, so that there are many references about fashion. xoxo >.<

                                                                My outfit
Black Scarf ( unbranded )
Black Shirt ( unbranded )
Long Maxi ( collection )
Silver Bag Elizabeth Arden )

Ethnic shop

I usually have a lot of free time on weekends I spent at stores that sell goods and traditional tools. This store has a collection of old stuff decades ago. Sale of goods and equipment, among others, is a traditional cloth , a traditional beverage, body scrubs, perfumes, bags, lights, cameras all have a traditional touch. And no less unique is the ancient calculating machine. In one corner of the store there is a special stand that show a person makes a pattern on fabric with traditional tools.


This shop is never empty of visitors. Most visitors to buy souvenirs such as clothes, bags and accessories for their families. I really love being in this store to photograph the collection of his belongings, choosing accessories or just pay attention to visitors who are shopping. I love this place.

Casual Look

Go hang out with casual clothing became more comfortable without high-heeled shoes and dresses will make it easier to move from one place to another.

First day in april

April 1st, i found something beautiful that makes my feel is so good


A beautiful morning,  sunny day, and warm afternoon always makes me love the summer day. You can see the sky looks so bright, butterflies around the flowers, and  leaves move blown by the wind.  I remember when I was younger when the summer comes, I usually play around the house to look for grass and wild flowers, something simple but it makes me happy. Some people say that summer is the season of romance. In this summer I plan on visiting the beach with my lovely husband.

Yesterday I went out alone to buy my favorite summer drinks. What is it? Yeah, a bowl of fruit soup. I often spend time to enjoy it. It’s not too sweet, but very fresh. Melon, orange, papaya, grape, rambutan, a pear, a little syrup, milk and ice was very enjoyable. I really like all things in this summer.