Ethnic shop

I usually have a lot of free time on weekends I spent at stores that sell goods and traditional tools. This store has a collection of old stuff decades ago. Sale of goods and equipment, among others, is a traditional cloth , a traditional beverage, body scrubs, perfumes, bags, lights, cameras all have a traditional touch. And no less unique is the ancient calculating machine. In one corner of the store there is a special stand that show a person makes a pattern on fabric with traditional tools.


This shop is never empty of visitors. Most visitors to buy souvenirs such as clothes, bags and accessories for their families. I really love being in this store to photograph the collection of his belongings, choosing accessories or just pay attention to visitors who are shopping. I love this place.

Casual Look

Go hang out with casual clothing became more comfortable without high-heeled shoes and dresses will make it easier to move from one place to another.

First day in april

April 1st, i found something beautiful that makes my feel is so good