Batik Madura

Batik is one of Indonesia's cultural heritage, diverse style and color of batik makes me very impressed with this craft. Generally, the famous Indonesian batik are from Pekalongan, Yogyakarta and Solo. But there are many batik from other regions in Indonesia, Such as Madura batik. Madura batik's design is more simple than from other regions, but does not reduce the value of elegance from Madura batik itself. By using more bold colors, batik madura is also interested in teenagers.
I get this batik from one of my friends who came from the small island of Madura, the Sapudi island. Actually a lot of options offered to me. There are shades of red, green, blue and white. Because I had to choose one, I decided to choose a patterned blue batik. Actually i am still confused to create clothing designs that fit with this type of batik. Maybe I need some reference for designing this cloth
For detail, so love it :)

Here is the batik's originate, So small island :D

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Shahirah Elaiza mengatakan...

Very pretty kain batik! Beautiful colours.